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Petrochemicals are chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are an essential part of the chemical industry as the demand for synthetic materials grows continuously and plays a major part in today's economy and society. Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of different products that people use daily, including plastics, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, electronics, solar power panels, and wind turbines.
99% of all plastics are created from oil and natural gas, with most being manufactured using naphtha feedstock. Naphtha is created during the distillation process, and is heavier than gasoline. It is one of the most important of all the petrochemicals simply because it is used in the production of plastics

About Company
Introduction of Berkan polymer company

Berkan Polymer company was found in February 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. We are collaborating with some great and distinguished companies in all over the world. And trade high quality petrochemical goods with different kinds of shipment. The desired products include polymers, fuel, chemicals and aromatics. Directly such as Urea, PVC, LDPE, HDPE.

We are focused on the highest standards of:
  • Governance
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
ABS LL22B03 Liquid Ammonia Automatic transmission fluid
Aniline LLDPE 22B02 Liquid Nitrogen out boards
BL3 LDPE 2420H SBR 1712 Cylinder oil (Two Stroke)
CRP100BLACK LDPE 2420D SBR 1705 System oil (Two Stroke)
EPS 121 LDPE LD0075 SBR 1721 Trunk-Piston Oil
EPS 321 LDPE LD0200 SBR 1723 Hydroulic Oil
EX5 LDPE LFI2047A SBR 1500 Circulating Oil
GPPS1460 LDPE LFI2119 SBR 1502 Turbin Oil
GPPS1540 LDPE LFI2130 SBR 1503 Compresser Oil
HD5000S LL0209AA PBR 1220 Industrial gear Oil
HDPE 3840 UA PE100N PBR 1202 Transfer Oil
HDPE 6040 UA PE100B Hydrogen Peroxide Quenching Oil
HDPE 5030 EA/SA PE 100 Compound Styrenated Phenol
Universal tractor transmission Oil
HDPE 52518 POY 160 Acetic Acid Metal working Oil
HDPE 62N07 POY 250 Methhanol Flushing Oil
HDPE HFI5110 PVC 70 Caustic Soda Textile machinery Oil
HDPE7000F PVC 65 Sulfur Process Oil
HD5030 PVC S6532 Clinker Grease
HD-54B04 PAF Anti Freez, Anti Boil Film Stretch
HD-6040 PC 0407 UR Bitumen 60 70 Manual gear oil
HIPS 7240 PP Gas Oil
HDPE 5030 EA/SA DEG Kerosene
HDPE 52518 MEG Gasolin Engine Oil
HDPE 62N07 Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) Motor cycle Engine Oil
HDPE HFI5110 Granular Urea Gas Engine Oil
HDPE7000F Prilled Urea Diesel Engine Oil
Our Team
Our team
Nazanin Samavati

Tel: +90 5340105123


LinkedIn: Nazanin Samavati

Sahar Jamali
Sales specialist

Tel: +90 5077529822


LinkedIn: Sahar Jamali


+90 5340105123
+90 5077529822


Floor No. 4 Block No. A. Burgu Arjan, Zeytin Dalı street. Altay çeşme. Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey


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